Immune Rejuvenation

The immune system is critical for organismal healthspan. Immune cells patrol the entire body — surveilling for cancer and pathogens while mediating tissue regeneration and repair.

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There has been a revolution in the field of immune-oncology by harnessing immune cells like T and NK cells. These therapeutics like CAR-T/NK and checkpoint inhibitors revolve around overstimulating and directing the immune cells of patients who are already sick — their immune senescence is what gave rise to the cancer or infection in the first place. 

We propose a better way, which addresses the root cause — the aging of the immune system. We rejuvenate the bone marrow stem cells (hematopoietic stem cells or HSCs) and other immune cell types, to prevent aging and treat many different diseases. Our approach may revolutionize the treatment of cancer, infectious disease, cardiovascular disease, and brain aging — the immune system governs aging at a systemic level.

Our Platform
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StemSupply Platform

We have a method of >1000x expansion of human HSCs (maintaining stemless) that can transform the bone marrow transplant field — and this method allows us to produce large volumes of aged human HSCs and immune cells for high throughput combinatorial drug screening to find cocktails that rejuvenate cells ex vivo and in vivo.

Our team has two Nature papers on this breakthrough in HSC expansion technology.

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AgeScreen: Geroscience Drug Discovery Engine

We have developed a series of assays to identify new molecules which regulate cellular aging and immune cell aging in particular.